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Jas Petersen is a visual artist and painter. Her work explores the concept of the Fastgirl, a singular fascination that has been at the center of the artist's work for over a decade. Through a series of coming of age portraits, Jas strives to cultivate a dialogue around identity, empowerment, and the female form. Her signature character establishes a future forward narrative with an unapologetic confidence and brazen femininity. In her more recent work, Jas shows interest in the relationship between her figures’ polished appearance and the arrangement of the physique, conveying emotions through a blend of body language and bravado. 

The woman's body is the historical barometer of documented beauty. Representations of the female form are central to any era, serving as the pinnacle for which all other cultural institutions look to define their inspiration. From Aphrodite to Athena, the woman was born the muse, the mother, the daughter, the caregiver, and the bitch. In an age defined by social media, where self-documentation and self-exploitation are inherently intertwined, what does it mean to use one's appearance as both weapon and armor? The Fastgirl is meant to provoke and to excite, ascribing to modern notions of womanhood while simultaneously deconstructing them.

“I grew up around strong women - my mother, my grandmothers, and sisters - and for this it is important for me to show spirited women on the canvas. I try to embody that energy through my art.”

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